by Josh Scales, TN HIMSS Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair/Founder and CEO, Uniti Health

As an organization committed to the education and advancement of technology professionals within the healthcare community, TN HIMSS is often challenged to stretch itself beyond the borders of race, gender, economic status and social backgrounds. Healthcare Information Technology is already underrepresented by young minority professionals. Failing to acknowledge and embrace a conglomerate of all minds would be a disservice to the organizations, patients and institutions we so proudly serve.

Often when society speaks on building a more inclusive environment, there is a narrow focus on racial disparities and socioeconomic gaps in employment and education. And as a young African American male, with a wealth of experience serving Tennessee’s healthcare community, I recognize the lack of inclusion for these persons in the healthcare IT sector. It is for this reason why I am so proud to be a part of an organization which is focused on improving opportunities for individuals like me. And further, I am excited to know that for TN HIMSS, it does not just stop there. Because of our mission, we are able to personally act in a spirit of inclusion, while also representing the same principles of diversity to those whom we serve and employ.

At times such as this, our healthcare community needs “all hands-on deck”. We need to learn from our fellow colleagues and share in their experiences, to enable us to propel forward in technological innovation. Great minds are cultivated irrespective of one’s race, age, gender identification and sexual orientation., As we work diligently to improve our representation at TN HIMSS, I look forward to reaping the benefits these collective actions will have on furthering advancements within our society.