By Guice Smith, Managing Partner of Guice Smith & Associates and TN HIMSS Board Member/VP of Collaboration

Representing TN HIMSS, I had the pleasure of recently supporting the 3rd Annual Clinical Care Classification (CCC) User Meeting at HCA’s headquarters in Nashville. CCC is a unique organization because it focuses on nursing by a providing standardized coded terminology specifically for nursing and an information model design for the electronic documentation of clinical nursing practice. CCC will impact patient care by aggregating and providing more access to data from nursing and allied health professionals that can be used for analytics and range of other clinical purposes in treating patients.

The 3rd annual meeting brought together an impressive group of clinical nursing leaders and was focused on defining strategies for incorporating CCC into clinical documentation systems, discussing the impact of standard nursing terminology on nursing and describing CCC as an enabler to Big Data and other analytics. I had the opportunity to interact with many of the members of this group that are truly dedicated to improving healthcare through the standardization of nursing terminology, which will provide more detail of patient data for immediate care and creating a longitudinal record.

This is but one example of TN HIMSS’ collaboration efforts and focuses. As an organization, we believe in working with our “sister” organizations to improve healthcare. While our membership is 2,000 strong statewide, our members work in so many segments of healthcare. We are able to leverage this collective knowledge, find opportunities to work with other organizations and lend our expertise, either through educational opportunities, workforce development or networking among peers. We are proud to Dr. Virginia Saba, the founder of CCC, to expand her efforts in improving the standardization of nursing coded terminology.