TN HIMSS/Belmont University HIT Accelerator Program

TNHIMSS Workforce AcceleratorIn a report specifically focused on the HIT talent needs in Tennessee, the Brookings Institution identified a greater need in the state to focus on developing workforce talent. TN HIMSS and Belmont University formed the Workforce Accelerator program in 2014 to prepare Tennessee’s HIT workforce to address not only local needs, but to help the state take the lead with HIT initiatives. You can be part of this exciting initiative – the HIT Workforce Accelerator.

More than 300 students have already graduated from this program which is designed for healthcare professional of all levels and backgrounds, along with those just entering their professional careers.

The curriculum is taught over the course of 14 weeks by healthcare professionals through a combination of classroom and real-life experiences. Students will gain a complete understanding of healthcare HIT with:

  • A detailed view of the U.S. healthcare system and policies
  • Specialized knowledge of healthcare IT systems and processes
  • An understanding of vendor solutions
  • Team-based skills
  • Real-life work experiences

Contact us today about enrollment in our Spring 2023 14-week program. Check out the Spring 2024 Class Schedule for details.


Classes are every Monday from 5:30 TO 8:30 p.m. CST starting February 5, 2024. All classes will be conducted virtually for this session.

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“The future for the national healthcare landscape is being designed in Nashville. Over 400 companies have been erected here to retool the industry. How we do healthcare today will look different from the future. The TN HIMSS Workforce Accelerator is one of the best tools available for tomorrow’s leaders”.
Brian M. Shake

Major Account Manager, Fortinet

“My journey brought me to Nashville with a passion for a career in HIT. I had no Healthcare experience, but I connected with the Health Information Technology Accelerator Program. For those serious about a career in Healthcare, this program provides a solid foundation. I transitioned from no Healthcare experience to a role in HIT using the tools I received during this program. I highly recommend this program to start or advance your career in HIT”.
Carla Dukes

PMP, HCA Healthcare

“The HIT Accelerator Program provided me the opportunity to learn about all aspects of HIT in the market today, from clinical workflows to IT strategies and Healthcare Economics.

I have been provided several new networking and learning opportunities, the most recent being an international clinical terminology conference where I was able to meet, learn, and share ideas with other leaders in the healthcare market across the world. I frequently apply knowledge gained from this course by incorporating new leadership skills and strategic planning tactics.”

Bonnie Bruner, MSN, RN

Clinical Content Analyst, Clinical Architecture

“For anyone in the healthcare field, the TN HIMSS Workforce Accelerator class will open your eyes and give you a better understanding of all the underlying technical things that support healthcare today. I’ve worked at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee for the past 12 years and am familiar with our applications and systems; however, on a much larger scale there are many other things that come into play like Electronic Health Records, Smart Health devices, systems, and applications. This class exposes you to all things healthcare IT, but also covers some soft skills as well (Critical Thinking, Lean Six Sigma, etc.)! This is an excellent investment in time and money!”

Carolyn Miller

IT Business Analyst, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

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