Brad Morrow, Southeast sales director at MDClone and president elect for Tennessee HIMSS, shares his vision for a more unified and collaborative healthcare sector.

When healthcare leaders come together, problems get solved. 

That’s why Brad Morrow is so passionate about his new role as the president elect for Tennessee HIMSS, where he hopes to continue the organization’s legacy of unifying healthcare organizations all across the state. 

In this episode of HIT Focus, brought to you by Tennessee HIMSS, Morrow talks with host Clark Buckner about his future plans for Tennessee HIMSS. He also explains why Tennessee is uniquely positioned to make a major impact on the healthcare space. 


A Wealth of Resources Across Tennessee

When outsiders talk about Tennessee’s healthcare, they tend to focus on Nashville, Morrow pointed out. But in reality, the entire state is filled with healthcare organizations, from Memphis to Knoxville and from the Tri-Cities to Chattanooga.

“There are so many organizations that are focused on healthcare and great resources working within those organizations,” Morrow shared. “We have a remarkable opportunity within this state to bring those thought leaders together.”

Morrow believes this opportunity became even more significant during the COVID-19 pandemic, when healthcare leaders were faced with new challenges and questions, including the difficulties of moving to virtual work and the increased importance of telehealth. 

“A lot of organizations had some telehealth solutions set up before COVID happened, but a lot have had to ramp up very quickly to start using them more effectively,” Morrow explained.

Going forward, he also expects that big data will dominate many of the conversations in the healthcare space.

“With all of the patient data that’s out there, how are we able to use that? How are we able to find better treatment for patients? How are we able to empower employees throughout the organization to access that, but still understand the importance of PHI and HIPAA and not violate patient privacy?” he asked. 


Bringing People Together with Tennessee HIMSS

As he looks ahead to his new role as chapter president, Morrow is excited to carry on the organization’s legacy as one of the leading chapters in the nation.

“There are so many leaders within large organizations in this area,” he shared. “To be able to go to an event and meet with all of these individuals who are leading the industry right now, to have problems that are being faced and be able to discuss solutions within different organizations, it’s a great benefit, especially here in Tennessee.”

Morrow especially looks forward to the return of in-person events, and he’s working to find creative ways to bring everyone together in such a large state. 

“I’m just looking forward to being able to get everyone back together again. A lot of our events have had to be cancelled, some of the conferences that we normally do, some of the in-person events. Virtual events are great, but it’s just not the same.”

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