By Guice Smith, TN HIMSS VP of Collaboration

TN HIMSS VP of Collaboration Guice Smith

TN HIMSS President-Elect, Tod Fetherling, and I recently attended the National HIMSS Bootcamp in Santa Clara, CA. This afforded us the opportunity to hear firsthand the strategic direction HIMSS is taking as an organization in furthering the improvement of health across the globe. We are able to bring this knowledge back to help our chapter’s members gain more insight and perspective in meeting the shared goals of all regions and HIMSS as we improve healthcare.

TN HIMSS President Elect Tod Fetherling

While there we heard the following from the key leaders of HIMSS and were able to have open discussions and comparisons with members of chapters throughout the U.S.:

  • HIMSS Strategic Vision – HIMSS is working to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health, healthcare and care outcomes. The 5 Key Pillars to leading change in these areas is Membership Value, Thought Leadership, Maturity Model Reach, Innovation and to Expand Internationally.
  • HIMSS Mission, Values and Brand – HIMSS has been working for many months to completely rebrand itself. The goal is to have a brand that is both uniformed internationally and to have a brad that is truly representative of today’s HIMSS. The project should be complete in the near future and rolled out to all chapters.
  • Maturity Model Reach & Innovation Offerings – HIMSS realizes that the current Health economy is not sustainable and that a new Digital Health Ecosystem is the path to sustainable and improved outcomes.
  • Building Stronger, More Inclusive Relationships – HIMSS recognizes that their audience is rapidly expanding and is globally distributed. They are building channels that can accommodate the global demand and increased request for information.
  • Improving the Chapter Experience – This involves expanding Program & Membership Globally, increasing member Value and support, standardizing governance compliance and driving innovative offerings.