by Merrill Bohren, TN HIMSS Membership Chair and Senior Managing Director at Ankura

Connect. Engage. Inspire. Not just a tagline, these words are the cornerstone of the TN HIMMS mission to improve healthcare. As one of the largest and most active HIMSS chapters in the nation, the 2,000+ strong HIT leaders are focused on leading the transformation of HIT in the state of Tennessee and beyond. We invite all who are passionate about healthcare to join our chapter. All are welcome.

Connect. This past year has taught us the importance of connection and challenged us to refine how we connect. The healthcare industry showed the world how quickly it can pivot and adapt when faced with incredible adversity. Technology was a critical component in allowing those shifts to occur. Technology also allowed for us, though physically distanced, to remain connected to each other. TN HIMSS values the importance of connection and provides opportunities for our members to connect to other HIT leaders via events, education, forums, and networking opportunities.

Engage. An important component of TN HIMSS membership is engagement. Members are active participants in advocating for the industry in their roles and in the community. The organization provides opportunities to embrace healthy dialogue and debate around key issues. Members are focused on continuously challenging convention and welcoming diversity of thought to stretch beyond the status quo and into the possibilities. It is through this engaged inquiry from our members that we see change and innovation occur.

Inspire. Every day our members are on the front lines or supporting the front lines with the goal to improve patient outcomes. The TN HIMSS membership encompasses a wide range of professionals including CIOs, clinicians, data scientists, financial experts, project managers, and more. The list is expansive, and the expertise broad. This group comes together to provide valuable thought leadership, resources to spark ideas, and innovation across HIT.

Whether you are early in your career or a seasoned veteran in the world of healthcare, TN HIMSS provides a platform from which to broaden your knowledge, expand your network, and lead the industry in new and emerging HIT. As a member, we encourage you to lean into the organization and continue to share your knowledge, talent, and perspectives. For new or returning members, we look forward to having you connect, engage, and inspire us on this journey together.

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