Congratulations to the recent graduates of the 10th cohort of the TN HIMSS and Belmont University Health IT Workforce Accelerator Fall 2019 class.

The graduating students and their companies are:

Kass Benchoff                               Vanderbilt

Sev Berg                                         NaviHealth                                  

Jayson Campbell                           HCTec                                          

Rodney Carrigan                          Relatient                                     

Larecia Denning                            Amsurg                                        

Leydi Gallardo                               Qualifacts

Sharon Grayson                            Chattanooga Kidney Centers 

Tina Hunt                                       Relatient                                     

Ketan Jalan                                    Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN  

Ryan Johnson                                HCA Healthcare                         

Giselle Joines                                Amsurg

Parvathi Kapu                                Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN

Christy Lewis                                 Chattanooga Kidney Centers

Chad Lister                                     HCTec                                          

Russell Marty                                Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN  

Meredith May                               Murfreesboro Medical Clinic 

Kristen O’Shaughnessy                Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN

Justin Poggioli                               Virsys12                                       

Fin Sarratt                                      Perception Health                    

John Ulett                                      CentraState Healthcare System

Jill White                                        Galen Medical Group

Donna Worley                               Galen OB Gyn

Designed for healthcare professionals of all levels, backgrounds and career paths, the program is available in person and in remote settings and teaches students how the blending of healthcare and IT can affect care outcomes. The curriculum also covers the future of healthcare and business processes in healthcare. Throughout the course, students gain exposure to the healthcare provider, payer and vendor settings. Led by HIT professionals, the program’s students experience real-life challenges and determine best practices to bring into their careers.

The training offers a detailed view of the U.S. healthcare system and policies, along with specialized knowledge about HIT systems and processes. Participants gain an understanding of vendor solutions and options using team-based skills.

For more information and to register for future classes, please visit the Website.