by Justin Mooneyhan, HIMSS Tennessee Chapter President Elect and AMSURG Senior Director of Strategy, Solutions and Innovation

The bustling city of Franklin, TN, recently played host to one of the most anticipated local events in healthcare technology: the Tennessee Chapter of HIMSS’ Annual Summit24 Conference. On April 18th, 2024, industry leaders, innovators, and practitioners converged to explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of healthcare IT.

Under the theme of “Innovate. Integrate. Inspire. The Future of Health IT,” the Summit24 event promised a deep dive into the evolving landscape of healthcare technology. From artificial intelligence to investment strategies and policy outlooks, the conference offered a comprehensive exploration of the transformative changes underway in the industry.

Keynote Insights:

Stephen Konya, in his keynote address, provided invaluable insights into the future of Health IT, from the perspective of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). With a focus on AI responsibility and data movement, Konya outlined key strategies and initiatives driving innovation in healthcare, including the FAVES Quality framework for responsible AI, among others. For attendees, be sure to review his slides for greater insights on the ONC’s programs and strategies for healthcare IT!

Policy Outlook and Investment Strategies:

Panel discussions featuring industry experts like Josh Harvey, Adam Marino, Eric Schiavone, and Brett Meeks shed light on the policy outlook for 2024 and investment strategies in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Topics ranged from cybersecurity and AI to the importance of data transparency and organizational resilience.

Generative AI and its Impact on Healthcare:

An amazing, all-Microsoft expert panel comprising of Ian Morrison, Antoinette Thomas, Darryl Rowe, and moderated by data science expert, Damian Mingle, explored the transformative potential of generative AI in healthcare. From personalized experiences to workforce optimization, the discussion underscored the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future of patient care.

Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape:

The evolving cybersecurity landscape in healthcare took center stage in a panel discussion featuring experts like Paul Connelly, Bob Chaput, Andy Heins, and Steven Ramirez. With healthcare being a prime target for cyber-attacks, the panel emphasized the need for proactive measures and strategic investments to safeguard patient data and organizational integrity – and the importance that we must act NOW.

Venture Capital in Healthcare:

Derek Dedeker, Jess Bossman, Jordan Lipson, and moderator Eric Thrailkill delved into the intricacies of venture capital in healthcare, particularly in the context of an election year. Despite challenges, the panelists highlighted opportunities for investment in early-stage ventures and technologies supporting value-based care.

Strategic Imperatives for CIOs:

In a panel discussion featuring Dara Mize, Al Smith, Rick Keller, and moderated by Rusty Strange, CIOs explored the strategic imperatives of leveraging AI, cybersecurity, and cloud computing in healthcare. From clinician augmentation to personalized medicine, the panel underscored the pivotal role of technology in driving efficiency and innovation.

Closing Thoughts:

The TN HIMSS Summit24 Conference was a testament to the vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration in healthcare technology, in the state of Tennessee. As the industry continues to evolve, conferences like Summit24 serve as catalysts for driving positive change and empowering healthcare stakeholders to embrace the future with confidence.

Innovate. Integrate. Inspire. These words encapsulate not just the essence of the Summit24 event but also the spirit of innovation driving the future of health IT. As we reflect on the insights and discussions from the conference, one thing is clear: the future of healthcare is bright, and together, we have the power to shape it for the better.