Justin Mooneyhan

Justin Mooneyhan

Tennessee Chapter of HIMSS President Elect/Senior Director of Strategy, Solutions and Innovation at AMSURG

Greetings to all healthcare and technology enthusiasts! It’s an exciting time that we are living in as it relates to the state of healthcare and technology. There is a palpable buzz going on in the industry with the emergence of advanced technology tools in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space this year – think ChatGPT, Bard, et al. Healthcare continues to face many headwinds as an industry with rising costs, provider and workforce burnout, patient experience woes, etc., etc. All of this, coupled with these advanced technology capabilities, lends itself to a plethora of possibilities to positively impact change at scale. At HIMSS, and specifically our Tennessee Chapter, we firmly believe that technology can be a catalyst for positive change and that is why we have such a passion to promote advocacy efforts, host educational programs (HIT Workforce Accelerator ) and events (our Annual Summit Conference), Executive Dinners, etc. We believe that engaging in our healthcare and technology community to be a change agent will help usher in this new era for our industry that will bring about the long and much needed solutions to our problems.

As the Chapter’s new President-Elect, I am very bullish on the future of healthcare technology and am honored to carry the torch to bring meaningful and impactful conversations, events, and programs to the community, via the Chapter, to this end. Our Chapter is a leader across HIMSS North America and that has been proven time and time again over the years – I want to keep it that way. I couldn’t be more energized by our Board members and growing membership community to continue the advancement and evolution of this thriving Tennessee Chapter.

As I look forward over the coming years, I believe there is an even greater opportunity for this TN Chapter and membership to lean into the community to engage in different and more relevant ways to keep the conversations and problem-solving capabilities fresh. We are seeing a wave of millennials stepping into more leadership roles and Gen Z’ers entering the workforce that understand digital technologies natively. This will allow for new perspectives on solutions and ways to evolve the healthcare ecosystem and industry as a whole.

I encourage and implore you to “be the change you wish to see in the world” and get engaged in this thriving Chapter and healthcare technology community! We need more and more of you to build the ‘army’ of change agents that will bring ideas and solutions to solve these large and mounting problems in our industry. I see the coming years as critical to finding solutions, leveraging new and improved technologies to address the gaps and pain points in our industry. I hope to see you all join us in this ‘fight’ – the future generations of our community, industry, and country are depending on us.

Wishing you all the best and hope to see and meet more of you all in the coming weeks and months.

All the best,

Justin Mooneyhan

TN Chapter of HIMSS, President-Elect